Sunday, March 7, 2010

Tyler's Baptism

We went to Burley for the weekend for Brandon's nephew Tyler's baptism!
It was a lot of fun, and great to see some family
Robbie (Brandon's brother Ben's wife), Gwen (other brother Greg's wife), and Me all preggo at the same time!
Girl due March 28th (?), Boy due June 15th, and Boy due July 4th
So exciting!

(And so grateful to have married into a family with a bunch of AWESOME women who I love!)

P.S. Robbie's sister was at the baptism with her adorable, tiny 2 week old little girl. She asked me what we were having and I said a boy, and she says "well that's what they say"...and I said "huh?" and she says "they told me at TWO different ultrasounds that I was having a boy and it came out a girl!!!" Ahhh! So I have been freaking out about that lately, because quite frankly I was not convinced at the ultrasound that she was seeing what she said she was seeing! Even though I kept asking if she was sure, and she was, I am terrified.
But, I guess if that was the only thing that went "wrong" with the delivery, I would be grateful :)

P.P.S Yes, I got some caramel highlights, done by my great friend Katie!


JasonDebbie said...

I think the whole ultrasound-being-wrong thing happens VERY rarely so dont worry, I'm sure the precious boy will still be there.:)

Anonymous said...

Hi Lindsay! I'm such a creep and keep in touch with your life on your blog :) Congratulations on your upcoming new addition! I'm so excited for you.. and fyi, I was supposed to be a boy too :) haha But good luck with everything! Miss you and love you!

- Lexi Shinn

Chelsea said...

I really like the highlights!

Angelique said...

I was also freaked out that our baby was going to be a girl even though they said it was a boy. I almost went to one of those places in the mall to double check even though our ultrasound lady was so sure but decided not to spend the money. haha. I'm sure you still have a little baller in there.