Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Morning Update

Well it was a crazy evening and i was too tired to post anything last night so i will let you know what went on and how everything is going this morning. Yesterday at about 3:30 Lindsay had another pretty bad blood clot. Not near as bad as the one in the morning but still bad. The doctor decided that she was just losing too much blood and that the bleeding was not slowing down so they needed to try something else. They had been giving her a blood transfusion but thought that she was losing almost as much blood as they were putting in her. They decided that they needed to take her into surgery and see what was going on and then make a decision in the operating room as what to do to stop the bleeding. (Worst case scenario a hysterectomy) They did end up going in and doing a D&C. No they didn't read the scriptures to her, its a procedure where they scrape out any gunk or placenta that might be left over from the delivery.

They didn't find anything abnormal up there so they decided to try a procedure that had never been performed in this hospital but has proven to be pretty effective to stop the bleeding in the uterus. What they did was put a balloon into the uterus that pressed up tight against the inside of the uterus to put pressure on the blood vessels that were still bleeding and hopefully stop the bleeding.

The procedure took about 45 minutes to do and the doctor came out and told us that he was optimistic that the balloon would stop the bleeding. We didn't get to see her until about 7:30 and they had her in observation in the ICU. She was still pretty out of it when we first got to see her but as she continued to wake up and finally was given permission to drink some fluids she started to look a lot better and fell better too.

This morning the doctor came back in and checked her and decided to take the balloon out. The doctor is very happy about how it is looking. There is hardly any bleeding now after they took the balloon out which was the big worry, so hopfully that will continue. They are planning on moving her back up to her room in about 20 minutes and i think that Lindsay will get to see and hold Grant. Horray!

Luckily we have had Tiffani here to help out and keep Lindsay company too. She stayed with Lindsay in the ICU last night for 5 hours while i went to John and Care's to get a little sleep. We swapped spots at about 4 this morning, so thanks Tiffani for all of your help. We have had great family support, my mom and dad came over twice yesterday and john and care came a couple times yesterday too. Thanks to all of you for your phone calls, texts, and prayers. (and robbie for the balloons) Lindsay and I really appreciate them, and things are looking up today. We are optimistic that it will continue that way.


Angelique said...

Wow, Lindsay. I'm glad the surgery went well and hope you are feeling better. You and your family will be in my prayers.

Grant sure is a cute little guy, I hope you get to hold him more today.