Monday, September 26, 2011

Grant the Great

In case you haven't heard, we're pretty much obsessed this boy :)

Can't believe he will be 15 months old next week!
I wanted to document some of the things he does these days...

*Pretty much walking but he's a scaredy cat and would rather me hold his hand or just crawl

*Says: hi, hello, night night, Dada (a LOT), Mama, thank you, uh oh, kitty, up, down, more, dog, ball, ba-ba, yeah, nana (banana)

*The friendliest boy you'll ever meet. Says "Hii!" and waves to EVERYONE

*Is HORRIBLE in church, but loves to dance to the music and pretend he is leading the music, and folds his arms during the prayer :)

*Pretty much given up on baby food

*Loves ANY kind of music, or anything that makes sound, and dances to it

*Always hummin' a little tune

*Loves to read books

*Loves to crawl up and down the stairs
*Loves balls! Has to point out anything and everything in the shape of a ball

*Calls any kind of animal, and babies, a "kitty"

*Likes to go on boat rides and never whines about having his life jacket on
*Loves cell phones and calling Dada. And makes a phone out of anything, holds it up to his ear and says "Hi! Yeah? Hi!"

*Becoming a Daddy's boy, and every time the door opens he just knows it's Dada coming home

*Usually sleeps 12 hours a night

*Loves being outside, going on walks in the stroller, going down the slide and on the swings

*Still has to have a binky to fall asleep....we're workin' on it

*Takes two 1 hour naps a day

*Gives slobbery, open mouth kisses :)

He is at such a fun stage and we love him more every day!


Annie said...

He is seriously the cutest Lindsay! He's gonna be a heart-breaker for sure!

The Bateman Clan said...

He is so cute and smart!!! You have a fantastic little boy there!