Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My favorite place, my favorite people.

We all know I love Lake Powell, with all mah heart. This year almost my whole family (will we ever all be together again?) got to go on a big 'ol trip with our own fancy houseboat (hot tub included) and 2 other families (each with own houseboats) It was crowded, with 27 on board at one time but was a BLAST to say the least. (No babies allowed so Grant spent the week at Grandma Andersen's with his favorites: Joelle and Oreo the dog! We missed him terribly but it was a nice vacay!)

Saturday we celebrated my Dad's birthday.

Oh, Jeff

Trev with his cutie GF, Kaitlin

Niece, Kenzie

We all chipped in and got Dad an iPad

Tiffani, Dana (family friend), Melissa, Me, Ashlee, Kaitlin

Mallory, Kenz, Chelsea

Kenzie's ginormous life jacket!

Brandon catchin' some air!

And Nathan doing the same!

On the last day we all wanted to get one more tube run in, but the weather was having none of that. It was so windy and crazy, but I laugh now looking back at it.

Jeff and Brandon

Now, please enjoy this next sequence of pics.

Me on the left, Ashlee on right


Please zoom in and notice my flailing legs behind her

My smacked leg was bruised and ached for worth it.

On the drive in, a bit chilly and sad to be leaving

Me and Brandon, Mallory and Little Nathan.

They didn't stand a chance.

I die laughing every time I look at this picture. I kept telling Brandon, "YOU ARE ON TOP OF ME!" Now, I have the pic to prove it ;)

Me wakeboarding. I'm so boring to watch, I just go in and out of the wake. No jumps for me! I have a child, people! Oh wait, that doesn't seem to stop some of my family from doing wild things! ;)

Keep taking pictures of me, and we'll see what happens..

Me and Tiffy canoeing...Tiff loves it when I serenade her on the canoe.

Toddlers and Tiaras

Synchronized Swimming!

"Hey everyone, lets lift our leg like thissss"

I had tears streaming down my face from laughing so hard.

These women are my life.


deee daaahh!"

"And staaaarrr!"

So good. Everything about this trip was SO. GOOD. (except for missing the few that weren't there ;)

Till we meet again, Powell. Till we meet again.


Elaine said...

This looks like heaven! I'm so jealous!

michiganbliss said...

Dad just sent me the SSS sync. swim video. Priceless. Made my day. I know I was there in spirit. So jealous. Glad you had a great time.