Monday, September 26, 2011

Such A Fiasco.

So, I've gotsta tell ya'lls about my fiasco of a day on Wednesday. In the afternoon, Grant and I went to a picnic in the park with some friends which was lots of fun. Afterwards, it was close to Grant's nap time but I figured I better go into Wal Mart (my FAV place ;) while I'm in town (remember how we live 20 min away). So while I'm there I called my sis Ashlee for a recipe (usually have to call at least one of my sister's while I'm there to remind me of ingredients) and she asked if I had seen the Facebook post her husband Jeff left on my wall... told her I hadn't seen it yet..and she said that it was about a Dyson vacuum for sale on! This is one of those daily deal sites that sells one electronic item for a super great price for only one day. I knew Jeff and Ashlee had bought one on there years ago, and I had told Jeff to keep a look out for me! This being because the vacuum we got for our wedding is a piece of junk (was supposed to be a nice Bissell, but has never worked that great) and after cleaning and cleaning every stupid part of it, I was pretty sure our carpet was dirtier AFTER I vacuumed. And let me tell you, I lost sleep over it. Our precious child crawling on our not so clean carpets...eek! Anyways, I hurried and finished my shopping and rushed home so I could buy one before they were sold out. Meanwhile, Brandon is down in the canyon golfing with John, where he doesn't get great cell service so I keep calling and calling, trying to get a hold of him to see if I can, in fact, buy the Dyson! Well he never answers, so I figure okay, I better just buy the thing before they're gone, and I knew he would say yes, because it's all I talk about ;) Just as I'm about to buy one, he calls me back. I explain the sitch (situation ;) and he's all "Welllll I dunno, I'll look at it when I get home" and I'm all "Noooo deary, they are going to be GONE! We have to get it now! Trust me, I know what I'm doing!" and after some bickering back and forth he finally says "Linds, what if I already bought you one?" and I'm all "Say whaaaat?"

So, apparently he had seen the Facebook post from Jeff and had been trying to get a hold of him to take it off, because he was going to buy me one for Christmas! OOOPS! I'm horrible at being surprised! I could tell Brandon was kinda bummed that he had to tell me (cuz he knew I would be so mad if just said no!) but I was so happy he got one! (And that he called me back before I bought one myself!)

Good news: I'm getting my Dyson. All of my wildest dreams have come true.

Bad news: No surprises at Christmas for me (yes, I'm making him give it to me before ;)

Oh and the story doesn't end there.....after I hang up with him I get a text from my friend that I saw at Wal Mart saying "is that you that they keep calling over the loud speaker??" And I'm thinking to myself..why would they be calling my name? And then it hits me. I left my diaper bag in the cart after I had loaded Grant in, because I was in such a hurry to get home! So I call my friend and she's like "Yeah, they've said you're name like three times." Embarrassing. But they wouldn't let her take it home...cuz she's not me. So I call Wal Mart, and they're all in a tissy that I need to come get it! Welp folks, I just drove the 20 miles home, I'm not turning around and going back to the place I hate most ;) I tell them my husband will be driving by there in a few hours, could he pick it up? Nope. Then I remember that a guy in our ward is a manager there and I actually talked to him while I was shopping. So I told them that I knew him, (I get the name dropping from my mother) and they were like "Oh yeah, that's totally fine then, just have your husband tell them you know him..."

Good news: There are actually good people still in this world that will turn in a lost bag (with my whole life in it)

Bad news: During this whole ordeal I had left some groceries in the car that wouldn't melt or anything so I could hurry and get on the computer. Well, when I went back out to finish bringing them in, one of our devilish cats (no, not the one that got let in our house while we were at Lake Powell and peed and pooped all over my house/bed....the other one) had climbed up in the car and gotten into the coveted Grandma Sycamore bread and was eating it!! Nashty! So I had to throw away like 1/4 of a new loaf of bread. Oh the humanity.


liz said...

and I had no idea you were so passionate about vacuums but I hope you enjoy it!

Annie said...

haha! such a crazy day! And I have been looking for Grandma Sycamore's bread everywhere but haven't seen it in months! I thought they had stopped making it. I guess I need to check Walmart!