Thursday, December 30, 2010

I Passed!

Ok, so this is old news....but
(this means I am a licenced cosmetologist)
I was supposed to take my tests a long time ago but kept having problems so it was so nice to get them over with! I had to take a 4 hour practical test first, which I was seriously a hot mess during. I was at station #1A which was front row, right by the instructors station and I was SO NERVOUS. I had practiced a ton before, but for some reason could not get a hold of myself and was pretty sure that I had failed.
Then I had to take a 90 minute written test which was actually quite easy.
After 8 days of waiting in agony, I finally found out that I passed!
This is what my kitchen looked like for 2 weeks
It's great to feel legit now, and know that I can go work in a salon if I needed to. (I am so lucky, that Brandon can support our family right now, and I get to stay at home with Grant)
So, no more free haircuts, people! I have spent a lot of time and money on learning this profession, and because I'm not working in a salon, I'd like to get SOME reward for my work.(Did I mention that I did 8 family members hair at Thanksgiving for F-R-E-E ;)


Krystle said...

congrats!!! and thanks again!! i love it when you cut my hair :)

Melissa said...

Hurray!!!!! Good Goin' Girls! (I did pay you 10 bucks, remember?)

Melissa said...

I meant to say girl! Slight typo!

Angelique said...

I would totally pay you to do my hair if you lived close. Congrats!