Sunday, September 20, 2009


One of my best friends from hair school, Christine, is getting married next month so we had a bridal shower for her at another girl's apartment. She is one of the prettiest girls I know and is "Miss" everything, even won the swimsuit competition at Miss Utah this year (was secretly glad she didn't win the whole thing cuz she would have to wait a year to get married). Anyways, she is totally not your typical "beauty pageant girl", she is HILARIOUS and has the most sarcastic, funniest personality.

Here is a pic of some hair school girls. They have all become some of my very best friends. Christine is the one laying across everyone.
Playing a game where she had to put in a piece of bubblegum every time she had a different answer than her fiance (whose name is Todd- I know you Tic Tac Toers will appreciate that)
I made the mistake of taking a picture with her after sitting at the hot BYU game for hours

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