Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Cute Carter

"Helping me pack"

Carter pretty much hated me all summer. Well that was a lie. When we were alone he would be my best friend, also when he needed help with something such as going to the bathroom. But when anyone else would come around he would act all tough and not like me. I mostly blame it on the fact that I cut his hair a few times and he HATED IT. Care would have to pin him down to the chair (borderline child abuse) while I tried to buzz his head as fast as I could.
Until the last few days we were living there. I think he realized that we were leaving and maybe I wasn't so bad. Also, the girls had started school and he wanted a friend, so we became BFFs. He is such a hilarious, cute little boy and we miss him so much! Along with the rest of the Andersen family!
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John and Caroline said...

You know Linds...he does love you. I think that bathroom will always be called Lindsay's bathroom now.