Sunday, January 31, 2010

Cosmetology Graduation

Friday night was my graduation ceremony for Cosmetology School. I wont officially be done with my hours until the 26th (if I keep getting 50 hours/week..) but they just have one big graduation every other other month cuz people get done at different times.
Hair school was quite the experience for me. For the first few months I would cry pretty much every night because it was SO MUCH harder than I ever thought it would be, and I really stunk at it. I used to make fun of the hair school girls, thinking they just did this to get out of going to college but now I obviously have a whole new respect for it. Despite whatever stereotype you may think, hair school is DANG HARD! You don't just go and learn how to cut a straight line or put color in someone's hair- you have to learn and use chemistry, anatomy, math, every kind of hair, skin, and nail disease, disorder, and condition.. You have to be on a clock at least 40 hours a week (been about 55 for me, lately) and stand and do hair for hours on end..and don't get paid a dime, unless someone is so kind enough to give you a $1 tip.
I started school at Bon Losee but in March, they sold to a more commercial company, Marinello. Overall, it pretty much sucked being in the middle of the transition. Every day a new rule, and promises broken.
K, I'm done complaining. Really though, I am so grateful that I had a supportive husband and parent's when I decided to drop out of UVU and go to hair school and do something that I like and will actually use. Especially grateful to my parents for paying for it (not cheap!) It has been an amazing experience and I have learned more than I could ever imagine. I have come a LONG way since that first day I started when I didn't even know how to French braid! I feel so much more confident, have a ton of request clients every week and hardly even need help from my instructors. Still have a lot to learn though, but I'm told you just have to get out in the real world and go for it!
I'm planning on taking my State Board tests (so scary!) in Idaho so hopefully I can do that ASAP.
A lot of money has been paid, and a lot of sweat and tears have gone into my education, so sorry family, but no more free haircuts :) (Haven't decided on set prices yet, but I will let you know)

Brandon surprised me with beautiful flowers :)

My best friend, Lauren Browne! Could not have made it through school without her. We are pretty much the same person and have been through a lot together! She is getting married in March
Lauren spoke at graduation

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Tiffani said...

No more free haircuts? What a coincidence, Mark just decided he's not giving any more free medical advice. ;)

Katie and Eric said...

CONGRATS!! Way to go! Love you lots!:)

Melissa said...

Congrats Linds! You are officially in the real world! (oh, wait, you still live in Provo...)