Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Year's Bust

Well, after not being able to keep much of anything down for almost a week, we decided it was time to call the doctor. He thought it be wise for me to go into the Emergency Room :/
(Almost exactly one year after having to go into the ER for almost the exact same thing in Burley)
So we went. And waited for about an hour. Then finally got a room.
My least favorite part about going to the hospital is having to get the IV in! The women in my family have HORRIBLE veins to find so the lady was fishing around in both arms for quite some time. It was awful.
But 4 hours, 2 IV bags, and a dose of Zofran (the same medicine they give cancer patients) later, we were sent on our way.
He gave me a prescription for Zofran, also referred to as the "expensive stuff" so we were really afraid to go and get it filled. But it ended up only costing us $16! Pretty much the first thing my insurance has ever covered. Best news of the day!
And let me tell you, that stuff is the miracle drug! I feel like a whole new woman today! Still pretty weak and tired but no nauseousness!!
Mom and baby are doing well :)